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Smart Line



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After reaching our initial goal, we decided to release just 15 units at a super 50% discount starting at $69.99 for just $34.99, and better yet, just for these first 15 we will also be offering free shipping to the entire US.

remembering, after the end of 15 units, the value will return from $34.99 to $69.99+ shipping paid!

Wake up to a new life experience with PulseElite, our exclusive Smartwatch!


It's not just a smartwatch; It is your confidant, your guide and your connection to a smarter world. It is the perfect symphony of technology and style, designed to elevate every moment of your day to new heights of efficiency and elegance.


Imagine Juan, a hard-working man who is always on the go. His life changed when he received PulseElite. Once, in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle, she received devastating news: her mother had been hospitalized. In that moment of desperation, PulseElite became his anchor. With just one tap, he was able to call his family and coordinate emergency travel details.

Smartwatches are not just devices, they are partners in the journey of life. With features like fitness monitoring, smart notifications, and sleep tracking, PulseElite helps you stay connected, informed, and healthy at all times.


And make no mistake: PulseElite is not just another one on the market. It is an expression of luxury and exclusivity, designed with the best materials and the latest technology. Every detail, from its elegant design to its impeccable performance, speaks of quality and distinction.


So do not expect more. Do yourself a favor and get PulseElite today. Discover a new way of living, connected, healthy and elegant. Because you deserve the best, and PulseElite is simply that: the best.

Your life, your style, your exclusive PulseElite.

We decided to release just 15 units with a super 50% discount starting at $69.99 for just $34.99, and even better, only for these first 15 we will also offer free shipping to the entire USA.

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