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waterproof phone case

waterproof phone case

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After reaching our initial goal, we decided to release just 15 units at a super 50% discount from $39.99 to just $19.99, and better yet, just for these first 15 we will also be offering free shipping to the entire US.

remembering, after the end of 15 units, the value will return from $19.99 to $39.99 + shipping paid


A waterproof phone case offers crucial protection against water, dust and humidity, ensuring the safety of the device in various conditions.


This allows you to use your phone in outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, and water sports without fear of damage. Additionally, the case retains the full functionality of the phone, allowing use of the touch screen and cameras underwater.

Ana, a passionate adventurer, planned a diving trip in the Caribbean to explore coral reefs and marine life.

He equipped his phone with a waterproof case to capture his underwater experience. During a dive, Ana came face to face with a sea turtle and managed to record a spectacular video. Not only did he preserve an unforgettable memory, but he also shared the video on social networks, where it went viral. The quality and safety provided by the waterproof case made it possible for Ana to capture and share a magical moment that inspired many to appreciate the beauty of the ocean.

We decided to release just 15 units with a super 50% discount starting at $39.99 for just $19.99, and even better, only for these first 15 we will also offer free shipping to the entire USA.


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